New Year New Me... Nah!

I'm not sure about all this to be honest. I have learned that if you commit to anything unachievable you are in just for disappointment. So no drastic changes here I am afraid, and definitely not doing dry January (if you are doing that you are AMAZING!). I find this month challenging enough with my gin waiting for me at the of the week! 

So what am I hoping to achieve in 2022?

Well for a start I am really hoping to be able to go to Italy more regularly to source the collections. I have been very lucky to work with some great suppliers who send me detailed photos but it's not been easy... at times things arrive and they are not quite what I thought I ordered.... for example they looked like a dress and they were actually jumpers or they looked green but actually they were grey!

I am very excited about all the charity fashion shows we have in the diary (we are actually fully booked until the summer, I can't believe it!). I am planning a special party to celebrate 5 YEARS in business and hopefully that won't be ruined but any restrictions. Market Nights Facebook live will carry on every Tuesday and I am planning to collaborate with local businesses and promote more body 'positivity and confidence'. I am even planning an event to chat openly about menopause and how we can support each other and what help is out there. 


On a personal level, myself and my friend Sarah have signed up to run a half marathon in April in London (I must be crazy!!) I am looking forward to raising money for our chosen charity Dementia UK. I see some people who's lives are affected by this horrible condition. I am planning a Solo Mia "Vintage Sale" to raise money... more details to follow.

So for now let's get through January and looking forward to more sunny days soon!

Erika xx