5 Years in business

Well what a journey it’s been!
Exactly 5 years ago I was frantically preparing to launch my new adventure. I had no idea how far it would have taken me. It started as a side activity and today it’s my full time job (and passion).

Why did I start?
I am a trained accountant and I worked in an office for many years. It was a job that fitted around my young family but I always knew it wasn’t something I wanted to do forever. I grew up in Italy surrounded by small boutiques and markets selling beautiful clothes. Shopping was very personal, shop keepers knew you as a regular client.
I really struggled finding things I liked when I moved here, and so when I had the chance,  encouraged by my girlfriends I decided to buy some stock and start selling them from home!

The name
I shortlisted 3 possible names. I still remember one Friday I was sitting at the table with a group of friends and passing a piece of paper round with 3 options for my business name, I asked everyone to tick ✔️ which one they liked!
And Solo Mia won!
Solo Mia means only mine and seemed to fit very well with my business ethos.

On my first shopping trip to Italy I had no idea what to buy, how many items and what sizes! I have learnt a lot during the past years and now my main goal when I go shopping is to buy things that I personally love and would wear.

To celebrate this milestone I’m super excited to launch “The Conti” range from Solo Mia (More details to follow…)

So for now cheers to the next 5 years!


Erika x