Vat & Brexit... I want to scream!

My VAT nightmare…

Running a business on your own means you get to be your own boss! You pick when, where and how you work. You decide when to go on holiday and you get to make all the decisions… small and big.
The bottom line is: it’s all on you!

So where am I going with this…
In January I had to register the business for VAT. Huge step for me going from Sole Trade to limited company.
Everyone I told said it was a sign the business was doing well. But all I could see was something else to worry about (let’s not forget Brexit happened at the same time). Something else I need to learn how to do as well.

But thanks to the help of my business "guru" Sam and my lovely accountant Sarah I survived!

While I work behind the scenes to navigate the new world of VAT and Brexit,
I am still working very hard to keep the prices competitive and make sure I offer a personal service when you shop with us that makes your experience much more enjoyable! The new collection is all online and I hope you will love it as much as i do and I am finally able to host events again, we have two exciting charity fashion shows planned for this autumn (more details on the website event page). 

So the journey continues, as always thank YOU so much for all your support and encouragement!
Erika x


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