2017 I decided to do it!

Looking back probably it wasn’t the “perfect “ time in my life to launch into a new business adventure but tbh when is it ever a good time? We can go on finding excuses to not do what we want for fear of failure. (Well, maybe that’s the point. I felt my life was failing anyway!)

I moved to a different country when I was too young to understand the consequences of being away from my family when I decided to start my own family!

And here I was in England with two beautiful (and very demanding!) children, one big (and very demanding!) dog and my husband was working and living in another country 3000 miles away.

So, I decided I needed something for myself. I have always LOVED clothes, and with a little push from my girlfriends (and a little financial help from my hubby) I started my new adventure!

I had no idea how it was going to work, when people started talking about business plans I felt lost and my motto for the good part of the first year (or maybe two??!) was “WINGING IT”!

No one could have prepared me for the huge encouragement I received from lots of women out there! Women power is amazing, I’ve met so many incredible people in the past 3 years and I’m proud to say my job is not just selling clothes. I sell clothes that I love but importantly that will make the people wearing them smile and feel great in them, in a world where no one feels that they fit in!
The journey continues, 3 years of Solo Mia wow!!
So this is my first blog to share this amazing journey with you!

Any comments and feedback are very welcome (and I hope I haven’t made too many spellings mistakes!!).

Ps sometimes I still feel I’m “winging it “🤭

Ps 2 Mr Solo Mia is FINALLY home (and we are all stuck in the house!!!!)....

more to follow 😉