The weirdest question I often get asked is “do you dream in Italian or English?”

The answer to that is I don’t actually know😂

I can tell you that I have been here so long that sometimes I try to convince my sister that the weird word I have just said is in Italian ... but it’s actually a mix with my English-Italian brain!!

My kids think I have a STRONG accent and when I go to Italy I get told I speak very good Italian... really 😆??!

Last year I was in Italy shopping for Solo Mia with my beautiful friend 🇬🇧Laura. I popped into a beauty shop and the assistant thought we were sisters and then commented on my great Italian accent!!

Tbh I know I am not the most Italian looking woman but we thought it was hilarious 🤣

Doing this blog is giving me the opportunity to share a bit of my home country 🇮🇹 with you ...




Solo Mia started because I wanted to bring Italian fashion to England and also to introduce a different way of shopping. In Italy there are lots of small independent boutiques where you can pop in and get great advice and customer service. People know you by name and shopping is a lovely and personal experience. I aim to do that with my clients, making sure I understand what they are looking for and maybe push them a bit out of their comfort zone (and maybe wear more colours!).

So this is my second blog and I am very excited!

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And I am now also booking appointments to visit the showroom :)

Ciao, ciao 👋 xx