We have an ONLINE SHOP!!

The past 6 months have been full of challenges and changes for all of us. We have had to adapt to a whole new routine and I’m sure it’s been tough for everyone in different ways 😔. 

However looking at the silver lining, for Solo Mia the last few months have been amazing, thanks to all your support!! 

I started Market Night to find a way to carry on selling during lockdown, this new way of shopping has helped the business to reach places that It wouldn’t have been able to in normal times. We have been posting to Devon, York and Ireland! 

The Solo Mia followers have increased and I have been super busy sorting out and posting orders!! 

My “business plan” for 2020 was then completely thrown out of the window.... but luckily with the help of my business advisor “guru” Sam, I have come up with a new and very exciting plan!!

I have been working very hard in the past few weeks and I’m SO EXCITED to say that we now have an ONLINE shop!! 

I will still carry on with Market Night every Tuesday to show you the latest arrivals and give you tips on the new trends or how to style some outfits (yes the whole tuck in business 😂!!) 

I will also still welcome local customers to book appointments to visit us at the showroom in Oakley.

But now you will also have the opportunity to browse and buy directly from the website!!

It’s not been an easy task .... as you know I’m all about trying to help and give a personal service and I hope the site will come across like that! I want people to still feel that they are buying from me, a person and not just any fashion site (do you know what I mean??!).

Solo Mia translates to only mine and to keep that philosophy I will still purchase limited numbers of each items, so if you see anything you like get it quickly!! 

I have a huge list of people to thank for all the help and support but in particular I want to say thank you to my daughter Rebecca for helping me every Tuesday night with market Night (even when she’s a grumpy teen!!) believe me it’s not easy to keep up with all the live messages and a crazy mum! 

Helen and Kerry my super models who look amazing in everything they wear, we have so much fun taking photos and the professional photo shoot in Winchester was such a great experience thanks to Crissi (@capruredbycrissi) I also want to thank Kaia from Brevity Marketing for creating a fab website that really represents my brand! 

Wish me luck ladies, a whole new chapter begins....

Erika x