Meet Erika 


Where do I start?

Well, I am Italian and I moved “temporarily” to the UK from Italy in 2002 with my boyfriend (now husband), and 18 years later, with two kids and a dog I am still here!

I started Solo Mia because Shopping on the high street in the UK often left me frustrated! Full of chain stores selling fast fashion items that go out of fashion before you get them home, sold in such vast quantities meaning that nothing was original.

I missed the boutique shopping available in my home country.

Classic, stylish clothes that never go out of ‘fashion’, limited numbers of all the items and a personal shopping experience that is sure to satisfy your shopping requirements. 

So in 2017 with huge support from family and friends I set out to bring the Italian shopping experience to the UK. My aim is to make clothes shopping a joy again and to help you create a wardrobe of clothes that not only make you look amazing but feel fabulous too! 

My first buying trip to Italy was exciting and full of trepidation. What should I buy? What will sell? How much should I buy? What if people didn’t like the collection? 

Well, that was the first of many buying trips to Italy and these are still my thoughts, every time. I set up a launch at my friend’s house and the event was a huge success. Completely buzzing I arranged more events in village halls, and people’s houses. Charity events came next. Word spread and Solo Mia gathered a following of loyal customers. I created a show room at home to create a real personal shopping experience

Continually pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I have even designed my own T-shirt’s and jumpers too including a #stayhome T-shirt supporting a local charity and can’t wait to create more must have items.

The way people shop continues to change. With the recent Covid 19 pandemic, events, parties and showroom visits have been postponed. So we have created a new way to shop with our online market nights and virtual personal shopping experiences. These have seen the reach for Solo Mia continue to grow. 

Solo Mia is so much more than just clothes. Making women shine with confidence is what makes me so happy. I look forward to continuing the journey with all my lovely customers.