Pollo della Nonna

I just want to remind you all that I am NOT a chef but a frustrated mum that struggles to come up with new dinners ideas 
This is a chicken dish that my paternal nonna used to cook. She came from Croatia so I’m pretty sure that’s where it comes from!
Chicken breast sliced, flour, butter, milk, salt and pepper
Mushrooms 🍄, garlic 🧄 parsley, salt and pepper
Rocket salad for me and chips for Luca 
Melt a big chunk of butter in a pan (30gr I guess)
Cover the chicken in flour and add it to the pan. Cook it on a low until it is crispy on both side. Add your seasoning and then pour some milk (150ml approximately) let it cook for 10/15 minutes depending on the thickness of the chicken.
Meanwhile put olive oil and crushed garlic in a pan add the sliced mushrooms and cover with a lid. Keep stirring and add salt, pepper and a bit of parsley (if you like it)
It takes the same time as the chicken to cook.
It’s nice with mush potatoes but I went for the chips as I didn’t have time!
If you know me you know that I wing most things in life, and that applies to cooking! I don’t really measure I just go with it. Sorry if it’s not very helpful 
Buon appetito