7 YEARS of Solo Mia

At the last fashion show I was interviewed by the lovely Kate Llewellyn from 


And this is what we chatted about…



Seven successful years of Solo Mia – reflecting on creating a very special clothes shopping experience

I can’t believe I have been running Solo Mia for over 7 years now. As part of a recent fashion show, I was asked some questions about my time as a small business owner – the highs and lows! – and what the future holds.

I thought it would be nice to capture the answers here and share them with you too…so take a read and I hope it helps you to get to know me better, my passions and my motivation.


Why did you start Solo Mia?


There are so many reasons! I always say that it was due my passion for fashion. However, if I have to be honest, I was in a phase of my life when I really needed to do something for myself. For many years, I felt like I all I had done was to keep putting everyone else before me…kids first…husband first…and I had to do that because of the ‘Mum guilt’, that I know many of you will recognise.

Then, one day, I thought…I’d really like to do something for me. I’d like to do something that is ‘mine’ and so I pulled together my passion for fashion, my Italian roots (to confirm I am actually Italian...as someone has also questioned before!) and created a little business of my own.


Did you envisage this is where you would be after 7 years?



If you know me, my motto has always been that I just “wing it”.

After a couple of years, I did think, ‘where could I really go with this?’ And I have certainly learnt the important of a business plan and understanding what I offer and who to – especially with thanks to Sam Hunter and her business advice. 

However, to an extent, my ‘winging it approach’ still holds and has actually help me because of how the world keeps changing. I think that’s been the strength of my business, because I can adapt to whatever has gone on, including a pandemic, Brexit and cost of living increases, to name a few.


What guides you when choosing your Italian clothes and what to stock?

My first instinct is that I want to offer items that give you the sense that you are buying something special and that makes you feel good…but without a crazy price tag.

Whilst I follow trends, I tend to go for timeless items too. It is why many of my customers are still wearing tops they bought from Solo Mia several years ago!


7 years means lots of amazing memories… do you have a particularly memorable moment?

There are too many to say. It’s been an incredible journey – full of poignant and funny moments too.

Some of my earliest fashion shows were in remote village halls in the middle of nowhere! I remember thinking: “what am I doing????”

However, when I look back every single event has given me something.

And from those early village hall days, I still have ladies who came along then and remain loyal customers to this day – even attending my recent 7 year celebration at Bombay Sapphire Distillery.


What have been the key themes you have noticed over the years of running a clothing business?

In the past 7 years, I’ve seen so many women and heard about all of the many changes they have been through.

When I speak to women, we so often share the same feelings and emotions. When we were teens, we all wanted boobs and curves!!! Then, we get a bit older and discover we didn’t actually want ‘so many’ curves..or we wanted different boobs! 

Then, if we have kids, our bodies change again…and then we get a bit older or have a new job and we feel different and look a bit different and have no idea what to wear!  Suddenly, the kids are grown up and instead of focussing on them (and primarily shopping for them too) we have to start focussing on ourselves again…and then we throw the menopause in to the mix.

For some of my lovely ladies, there are also even worse complications, like cancer or another life changing illness.

So many big body changes…and we so often feel really out of control.

Ultimately, I have learnt that most of us women always focus on the ‘bad bits’ of our bodies. And yet when we get chatting in the showroom we ultimately all agree we need to count our blessings, not curse what’s wrong with us and make the most of what we are lucky to have. That’s what I love helping women to do – to see the good bits and feel good too.


What are you most proud of since you started running Solo Mia?

I love helping people - I love the feeling that running Solo Mia is not ‘just a job’.

Some individual interactions are incredible – when I see someone leave the showroom standing a little taller and smiling a little more broadly. I get some fab messages afterwards from ladies saying how much they appreciate my help when they come shopping.

Through various events across the 7 years, we have also raised a considerable amount of money for various charities, including the Air Ambulance and The Pink Place, which is very close to my heart.


Coming back to the present, what are you most excited about in your business right now?

I had a bit of a rocky start to 2024 and felt a bit of Imposter Syndrome.

For the first time, I felt I was perhaps doing something I wasn’t supposed to be doing…because of my lack of qualifications. So, to address this feeling, I did a stylist course for my personal development. I loved it and it has inspired me even more to keep doing what I am doing and to help more women.


And finally, what does the future hold for Solo Mia?

Solo Mia means’ only mine’ and I am committed to stocking just a small amount of each item so that you can buy items that are relatively unique and also so that there is always something new to see when you shop with me.

With my new body shape knowledge, I am choosing items now which I know will complement a variety of shapes and sizes, in different colours. We also have our pyjama ranges and sportswear, to complement my every day, lounge and occasion wear ranges.

Finally, I am really excited to introduce my new Solo Mia Wardrobe Cleanse with Erika service. I can come to your home, and we can work through your wardrobe together, identifying outfits, clearing out items you no longer want or need, and recommending key pieces that you may wish to add.

If you are interested, do get in touch with me. Email: hello@solo-mia.com to find out more.


Finally, I want to say a big thank you for all of the support from so many loyal clients & friends…and also to the wonderful new customers I continue to see at my events and at my showroom in Oakley, Hampshire.

Here’s to another successful seven years at Solo Mia!


Erika xx