Tagliatelle ai funghi

The key for this recipe is “funghi porcini “ 

I am lucky enough that my dad picks them and I always come home from Italy with a little bag of dried porcini mushrooms! But you can get them from most supermarkets 


lots of ingredients can be altered depending on what you have at home!


  • Best pasta for this sauce is fresh tagliatelle but any shape or dried pasta will do
  • mushrooms (dried porcini and I use sliced chestnuts) but you can use any kind 
  • onion & garlic 
  • passata or chopped tomatoes 
  • Single, double cream or this time I used crème freche
  • parmesan cheese 

If you are using dried mushrooms make sure you soak them in boiling water for 10 minutes to revive them before you add them to the sauce. Full video on my social media page to show you how quickly you can make these delicious recipe! 

let me know what you think 

Erika xx