Solo Mia Market Nights

Well here we are again, summer it's over (I am pretty sure it skipped us this year, but if anyone else mentions about the weather one more time I might scream!)

Autumn for me feels a bit like January; new start, new good intensions etc. But then just as it happens in January I realise nothing is really going to change. I am not going to start going to meditation classes or giving up wine 🙈

Kids are back to school and I know that's a relief for many ladies but my kids give me more grief when they are at school then when they are off... Getting my son out of the house in the morning is probably the most stressful thing of my day and let's not talk about homework. Also autumn means Rebecca is back at uni and despite the mess she creates when she's here I am so going to miss her :(

I am definitely an Italian mum, if I had it my way I would keep them here until they are 40.

So talking about Rebecca leaving, that means I have lost my helpers for Facebook Market Nights.

I still cannot believe we have been doing our Facebook lives for more than 3 years. I’m case you don’t know what I’m talking about, every Tuesday evening since the very first week of the lockdown we started streaming a short live showing the stock we had at the showroom. It became very popular, I always thought people enjoyed more watching and listening to me and my teen daughter arguing about how to wear clothes then the actual outfits we were showing! We have had so much fun, it’s been a great journey to share with you and now it feels a bit like the end of an era. But we need to adjust and adapt with whatever the world throws at us and that’s what we are doing again. I’m making few changes. I’ll be doing the live on SUNDAY EVENING instead of the usual Tuesday. And I’ll try to go “solo”…. I mean what can possibly go wrong? Me, my phone and lots of clothes, let’s see what happens!!

I’m starting this evening (24th September) at 8pm.

I hope you continue to follow the Solo Mia journey with me.

Erika x