Pizza, pasta & more...

Last week I did a post about my “easy pizza” recipe and I had lots of interest so I thought I’d share a bit of my food passion with you (as well as my fashion passion!)
Back in the days when I could fly to Italy to buy the stock (pre COVID 😷!!) aside from having a great time shopping for you all, when I’m there “Food” is the key word...pasta pizza...and of course coffe ☕️ & wine 🍷

I love going to small restaurants and trying local dishes. Unfortunately I always end up eating far too much because I have that “can’t find it in England “ excuse 😂!

I love fresh food and enjoy cooking for people. There is a pleasure in making a meal for someone, it’s like taking care of a basic need if you know what I mean?
Mangia, mangia .... eat, eat
that’s what i would hear my mother shouting when I was growing up... and now I do the same with my kids (and their friends!!).

When I started doing Solo Mia home parties I used to always bring Prosecco (of course!) and my focaccia bread 🍞 😝 I’m sure some people though that was odd!!!

I’m afraid ladies but I couldn’t survive in a “carb-free” world!

Can’t wait to be able to invite you here again but in the meantime you can still shop online and watch Market Night on Tuesday evening to see the latest arrival.
Stay safe
E xx

Super easy Focaccia bread recipe to follow....