Here is a great Friday night meal that my kids love!
Essentially a calzone is a folded pizza that looks like an Italian Cornish pasty 😂
I make my pizza dough in the bread maker
(600g strong flour, 350ml water, 6gr east, one half tea spoon of salt, a tablespoon of olive oil)
Then I divide it in 6 balls and it leave it to rise for 2 hrs or so covered in oiled cling film.
For the filling a mix a bit of tomato passata, grated cheese, ricotta and basil. You can add salami, ham or even stronger cheese like Stilton, tbh anything goes as long as it’s not too wet!
The secret is not putting too much filling close to the edges and fold them well. Brush with olive oil and cook on 200 for 15/20 minutes.
Let me know what you think …
Buon appetito