Pasta & Pesto

This is totally cheating cooking!!
But sometimes it has to be done and it’s all about the presentation…

It’s not very hard to make fresh pesto but I always have some in the fridge for the “just in case” .
(I only like the fresh pesto you can get from M&S or in other supermarkets the brand Rana fresh pesto, I’m not a fan of the ones in jars)

Pasta (any shapes)
Good tomatoes
Fresh mozzarella

Always cook the pasta al dente, mix the pesto with pasta and serve on a bed of rocket salad, add fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and parmesan cheese

Buon appetito!!

If you want to make your own pesto:
Fresh basil 300g
Pine nuts 80g
Olive oil 150ml
Garlic clove
Parmesan 80gr

Add everything in the food processor and blitz!

In Italy my mum used to grow basil in the summer and make tons of pesto , then she would freeze it in small pots for the winter!